Classes & workshops VedaCare method

“Vedacare is a method of care multidisciplinary, holistic and creative.”


Vedacare is an approach based on listening and feeling, to optimize the resources of the body and the mind to the benefit of a state of deep well-being, to accompany a period of transition, the prevention of your health, or the management of existing disorders or handicaps.

Vedacare declines creative workshops using music, dance, movement, drawing ... associated with natural medicines and scientific practices ... so many means of expression for children, adolescents and adults, in full health or suffering from disorders of concentration, hyperactivity, traumatic brain injury, physical disability, depression, chronic illness, anxiety, stress, addiction ...



Soulagez vos douleurs !

Le pavillon de l’oreille : un tableau de bord du corps humain.


Be rejuvenated!

Look and feel younger!


Be creative and inventive! Surprise yourself!

Every form of artistic expression to stimulate well-being


Experience your emotions!

Accept and channel your emotions to approach everyday life with more equanimity


Heal !

Take care of yourself with essential oils.


Free yourself!

Bring your body alive!



A physical massage to relax the body and calm the mind; a moment of me-time and deep relaxation.


Music that does you good!

Find your true balance through listening!


See your inner beauty

The power of portrait photography


That vital energy is all yours!

In connecting mind and body, you find inner peace, a childlike joy and a lightness, and a sense of alignment between earth and heaven.