VedaEmotion Experience your emotions!

VedaEmotion is a neuro-emotional alignment workshop that helps you develop by adjusting your mental state and vision through your body and emotions, so that you learn to control your inner conflicts.  

Why does VedaCare offer this workshop?

  • VedaCare provides this well-being and personal development method as part of its creative holistic approach. VedaEmotion helps you achieve powerful personal and professional change in yourself, and can work well with relaxation or physical expression workshops. You can be more daring, assert yourself and experience all your emotions with a sense of joy.
  • In today's world, we live a life torn between anger, frustration, impotence and guilt. Moving from malaise to well-being is a major asset for your health and your personal and professional fulfilment. Because life intensifies what you are, your life reflects your being and actions.

What form does the workshop take??

The physiological and psychological exercises are certified protocols, and are completed by techniques focused on bio-energetic harmonisation and synchronisation of the nervous system. Each session involves exercises including:

  • Emotional, personal and professional coaching (per category)
  • Self-coaching
  • Abandoning restrictive beliefs
  • Developing a unique, powerful language 
  • Satellisation
  • Neuro-emotional collapse
  • Bio-energetic harmonisation 

Different verbal and non-verbal techniques enable you to express what you want, giving you tools and routines you can use.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

  • VedaEmotion gives you serenity, confidence, clear-sightedness and decision-making power. Your inner neuro-emotional circuits and external routines create a constant movement, taking you forwards or backwards. VedaEmotion teaches you to become your own guide.
  • You will be in control of your well-being and able to decide outer events rather than submitting to them.  
  • You will rapidly feel an emotional independence enabling you to deal with the external circumstances of your life with more equanimity.
  • 90% of physical symptoms and feedback and worsening behaviour in a situation of malaise are caused by a lack of alignment between mind, body and heart, filtered by the subconscious.  
  • Neurosciences open the way through quantum physics, and informative medicine can be extraordinarily helpful, thanks to the contribution of new sciences. You can tap into all this to create balance in your life. 


Individual session - Adults
1 class 130€
5 class pack 550€
Small group session - Adults
1 class 45€/pers
5 class pack 200€



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